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Steps to AhealthyU Pedometer Challenge 2013


Steps to AhealthyU Pedometer Challenge 2013

Current Prize Pot Value: $2,095
6-Week Challenge

May 28 - July 8

***Competitive and Non-Competitve team registration options available***

Pocket Pedometers with USB Connections & CASH prizes

Registration for the 2013 Steps to AhealthyU Pedometer Challenge costs $5 per participant.
Everyone who registers will receive a new AhealthyU USB pocket pedometer and will be eligible for team and individual prizes.

Registration is now closed. Contact AhealthyU to register.

Are you up for the Challenge?

1. Form a team

2. Register on-line

3. Pick up your pedometer

4. Start logging

5. Win great prizes


Gather up your friends and colleagues around campus to form a team. Teams of 4 are required for participation and should include 1 Team Captain.  

All teams should be formed prior to registration and each team will need a team name for identification.

Every participant will need to complete the online registration.

Individuals who are not on a team should indicate that they are a "free agent" on the registration form. All "free agents" will be assigned to a team by AhealthyU.


Click here to complete the online registration form for the 2013 Steps to AhealthyU Pedometer Challenge. REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED - CONTACT AHEALTHYU TO REGISTER.

Every participant in the Pedometer Challenge must complete the on-line registration.

Registration costs $5 per participant.

Deadline for registration is Wednesday, May 29.


Come to the AhealthyU Office in Letts Lower Level 3 beginning Wednesday, May 15 to pick up your pedometer and pay your $5 registration fee. Pedometers can be picked up any day of the week from 10:30am to 4:00pm from the AhealthyU office, except for on the dates of our Know Your Numbers Health Screening Events.

Pedometers will be available for pick-up at all four Know Your Numbers Health Screening Events:

  • Monday, May 20 | 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. | Battelle Atrium
  • Tuesday, May 21 | 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. | Battelle Atrium
  • Thursday, May 23 | 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. | MGC 2 - 4
  • Wednesday, May 29 | 12 p.m. - 4 p.m. | WCL
AhealthyU will not be able to hand out pedometers to participants without first receiving their $5 registration fee.

Extra or replacement pedometers cost $10 each.


This year AhealthyU is making it even easier to rack up and record your steps.  

Our new pocket pedometers can go anywhere - in your pocket, in your purse, on your hip, on your shoe - and they'll pick up your steps. Just bring your pedometer wherever you go and it will count your steps for you*. 

To record your steps, simply plug your USB pocket pedometer into your computer and click on the TrakNote software on your desktop. Select your name and click 'ok'. The TrakNote software will sync with your pedometer and all of your steps will be saved on the computer. That's right. No written logs. No exercise minutes. No conversion charts. From your feet, to your pedometer, to your computer. That's it!

For full instructions on using your pedometer and the TrakNote software, click here.

Visit this page to download the TrakNote software (Click the Downloads tab and select files for the Data Tracker Pedometer)

Pedometers can store step data for up to 7 days. If the information from the pedometer is not uploaded to the computer at least once within a 7 day period, it will be overwritten by new data.

Team Captains will be required to download the TrackNote software. They will collect their team's steps by having each team member connect their pedometer to the team captain's computer and sync to an individual profile. Team Captains will be responsible for submitting team step totals to AhealthyU each Tuesday during the Challenge using the official submission forms. Official submission forms will be dispersed once team rosters are confirmed. 

Questionable step totals will be confirmed through the data that Team Captains have saved in the TrakNote software on their computers.

Need some help getting in steps during the Challenge? AhealthyU has many physical activity opportunities available to faculty and staff members at no cost to you. 

CLICK HERE to visit our AhealthyU Calendar to find great activities like Lunchtime Learn and Burn, Group Walks, AU Run Club, Yoga, Laughter Yoga, and more.

*Pedometers are designed to count steps taken for the individual who is wearing or holding the pedometer. Certain activities, like bike riding, where the user is not taking steps will record some "steps" on the pedometer. Steps recorded during these activities will generally be lower than steps recorded during activities like walking and jogging.


The 2013 Pedometer Challenge is all about winning prizes with your team. Teams will either participate in the "Top Stepping Team" Competition or in the Team Goal Challenge, with unique ways to win prizes for both options.

"Top Stepping Team" Prizes
CASH prizes will be awarded to all team members* from the top 3 teams in the "Top Stepping Team" Competition. Teams will be ranked based on their average step total per team member over the course of the entire 6-week Pedometer Challenge. The prize pot will be determined by the number of participants in the Pedometer Challenge, as each $5 registration fee is put directly into the prize pot. The first place team will take home half of the total prize pot, the second place team will take home 2/3 of the remaining pot, with the third place team taking home the final third.

Individuals in the "Top Stepping Team" Competition will also have the opportunity to earn prizes for themselves. All participants who meet or exceed their personal goal (established during registration) will win their choice of an AhealthyU exercise ball, an AhealthyU athletic wicking t-shirt, or a pair of CoolMax walking socks.

Team Goal Challenge Prizes
Beat your team goal. It's as simple as that to earn prizes in the Team Goal Challenge. All team members on teams who meet or exceed their total team goal will win their choice of an AhealthyU exercise ball, an AhealthyU athletic wicking t-shirt, or a pair of CoolMax walking socks.

Total team goals will be calculated based on the average daily step total goal submitted by each member of the team during registration. Team captains will have the option of adjusting this total team goal during the team confirmation process.

Participants in the Team Goal Challenge will have the opportunity to earn individual prizes should their team fail to meet its goal. All participants on teams that do not surpass their total team goal, but who meet or exceed their own personal goal (established during registration) will win their choice of an AhealthyU exercise ball, an AhealthyU athletic wicking t-shirt, or a pair of CoolMax walking socks.

All individuals on teams from the "Team Goal Challenge" who record and submit steps for all 6 weeks of the 2013 Pedometer Challenge will also qualify to receive a second, special prize from AhealthyU.

*Participants must receive paychecks on a bi-weekly or monthly pay schedule from American University at the time of registration to qualify for cash prizes. Taxes are applicable to all cash prizes.