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Why Weight Kick-Start - Week 1 Standings

The Why Weight Kick-Start is off to a great start! Since the first week of weigh-ins was to set baseline weights (no weight loss/maintenance to record during Week 1), Week 1 standings are only based on AhealthyU Activity Points. This week, we have a tie for second place and a three-way tie for first. Keep working hard, and we'll see how the leader board shifts next week!

Weekly Raffle:
Each week, participants who weigh in and/or submit AhealthyU Activities will be entered into a weekly raffle to win prizes for their team. Raffle winners have a choice between a half bushel of From the Farmer or a $30 voucher to the AU Farmers Market (both prizes split between the two team members).
CONGRATULATIONS to this week's raffle winner: Sarah Goldberg


Exercisers Anonymous 15 Free Agent 1 12 Fancy Footsteps 8 SIS Champs 5
Team OSP 15 Free Agent 5 12 #momsgonewild 8 Team Terrific 5
Free Agent 3 14 Team Salad 12 Road Runners 8 No Pain, No Gain 4
Star 6 14 Ubuntu 12 Slimmerifics 8 It's All Good 1
Boom Shakalaka 14 Weight and see! 12 B-E-O-D-R 7 NikQue 1
Boston Strong 14 MissingCookies 11 Bootylicious 7 Power Punch 1
Chafing the Dream 14 Ladies Who Lunch 10 She-Devils 7 WaitWaitDontWeighMe 1
Lean and Green 14 Atlas 9 Soon We Will Be Gorgeous 7 Bar Shaloam 0
The Meltaways 14 Ebony and Ivory 9 SuCCES 6 CSquared 0
Weight, Weight, Don’t Tell Me 14 Slowly but Surely 9 Lean Queens 5 EuroTeam 0


Activity All-Stars

Congratulations to all of the participants below for earning 5 or more AheatlhyU Activity points in Week 1:

Alison Nagy Hannah Cooke Kevin Barrett Page Hogan
Amit Paul Hannah Debelius Kevin Wyatt Paula Palhus
Andrea Dargin Hilary Lappin Kristi Plahn-Gjersvold Perrinne Kelley
Andrea Paredes-Herrera Irina Komives Leila Hernandez Rabeb Ben Hania
Angela Dadak Jackie Murray Lydia Fettig Ronetta Johnson
Anu Subramanyam Janina Yates Mark Schaefer Sandra Reyes
Brittnee Gail Jessica Johnson Marquita Lightfoot Sarah Beumer Harlow
Christine Gettings Jill Konek Mary Margaret Herman Sarah Riley
Colette AbiChaker Joey Fones Matteo Becchi Sharena Payne
Diane Bibb Judy Oyedele Maylin Wallace Shelly D'Amico
Donna Femenella Kathryn Ray Melissa Bevins Stacy Marien
Dupe Akinuli Katie Congdon Nancy Barker Tia Milledge
Dylan Craig Kelli Karacki Nola Song Victoria Foster