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CareFirst Members

Did you know...

1.  Preventive care is not subject to your annual deductible.

2.  Acupuncture and Chiropractic Care are covered services (w/ co-pay).

3.  CareFirst members have access to many FREE and DISCOUNTED programs via the Web such as:

Classes, Support Groups, and Events
A variety of health education class topics are available including pregnancy/childbirth, diabetes, smoking cessation, weight loss, CPR, and MORE.  Many support groups are also available.  Classes and support groups typically meet at local medical centers.

Healthy Recipes
Try new delicious, nutritious recipes - from soups and appetizers to main courses to desserts.

Weight Watchers
Receive $10 off a 3 month online subscription
Total cost:  $55 (regularly $65)

Fitness Club Memberships
Discounts available at select clubs in the DC/VA/MD area via

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