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Employment Verifications

Employment Verifications

The Office of Human Resources provides written verifications of employment for current and former employees of American University including faculty, staff, and student workers. We do not provide employment information for employees who work or have worked as contractors, volunteers, unpaid interns, or for third-party vendors such as Bon Appetit or Aramark.

How to Request an Employment Verification

American University requires a signed release (PDF) by the employee before we verify employment. Submit completed requests to Human Resources:

  • fax at 202-885-2558
  • email to
  • in person at the Human Resources Office, 3201 New Mexico Avenue, NW, Suite 350, Washington, DC 20016-8054

Third parties seeking employment verification should specify the information they are requesting and include any forms to be completed with the signed employee release.

What You Can Expect from Human Resources

Upon receipt of all required documentation from the requestor, the Office of Human Resources will complete the employment verification within three business days.

What We Can Release

  • Dates of employment
  • Position titles
  • Salary information
  • Courses taught (for faculty)

What We Do Not Release

  • Performance information, including attendance, reliability, etc.
  • Disciplinary information
  • Reasons for leaving
  • Reasons for any absences (sometimes requested for insurance claims)
  • Supervisor contact information not available in the public directory

Release Form (PDF)