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Is the AU Ready Hire Program Right For You

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Are You Ready to See How Ready Hire Can Help You?

Is the AU Ready Hire Program Right for You?

Who Should Apply?

  • Candidates must be genuinely interested in higher education and want to work in higher education for the long term

What Are The Requirements?

  • Bachelor's degree or 2-3 years of administrative support experience. Experience working in higher education is preferred. This includes student positions and internships
  • 1 or more years of administrative support experience
  • Demonstrated high level of attention to detail
  • High level of professionalism and communication skills (oral or written)

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about the AU Ready Hire Program.

When are positions available through the AU Ready Hire program?

The AU Ready Hire program works on vacant full-time, part-time, and temporary positions year-round.

Is it required to be available for temporary positions?

No! Candidates do not need to be available for temporary assignments. Temporary positions at American University will not be posted online, so you should apply to the AU Ready Hire program in order to be considered for temporary positions.

How soon must I be available to start work?

Candidates should be available to start fairly immediately and within a few weeks' notice of being offered a position.

I do not live near Washington, DC. Can I still become a part of the AU Ready Hire program?

Yes! You do not need to live locally to American University in order to be a part of the program. Please keep in mind that if you are interviewing for positions at American University, supervisors may want to hold in-person interviews so you may need to travel if extended an interview.

With which departments does the AU Ready Hire program work to fill positions?

AU Ready Hire works with all of the American University departments and schools. This includes everything from the individual academic programs to the executive offices! We are a part of American University's Office of Human Resources and are entirely internal and free-of-charge to our departments and schools.

How do I apply?

Click here for directions to apply