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Why Weight? AhealthyU 8-Week Weight Loss Kick-Start

Why Weight?

Join the AhealthyU 8-Week Weight Loss Kick-Start! February 1 - March 25

Green apple with AhealthyU carved into it with yellow measuring tape wrapped around it.

The Why Weight AhealthyU 8-Week Weight Loss Kick-Start is a partner-based program for AU Faculty and Staff members which will reward participants for losing* weight as well as engaging in wellness activities.

*Individuals who fall within the healthy BMI range at the initial weigh in will have the option to maintain their current weight. See below for further details. 



NEW for 2016!

  • Take the guesswork out of your goal - Weight loss goals based on nationally standardized categories
  • Focus beyond weight and engage in activities to support your overall well-being
  • Chances to win Team, Individual, and Raffle PRIZES!
  • All AhealthyU Why Weight Kick-Start participants are eligible to attend AhealthyU Group Exercise classes each week at no-cost throughout the program. Access is granted to group exercise classes only, not to locker rooms or other fitness center facilities.

Attend the ORIENTATION SESSION on Wednesday, January 20th from 12pm - 1pm in MGC 200 to learn how to get the most out of your Why Weight Kick-Start experience! Missed orientation? Check out a video of the session here.

1. Pick a Partner

Recruit a friend or colleague around campus to form a team. Teams of 2 are required for participation. All teams should be formed prior to registration and each team will need a team name for identification. Each participant needs to complete a separate online registration form. Individuals who are not on a team should indicate that they are a "free agent" on the registration form. All "free agents" will be paired up by AhealthyU.

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2. Register Online

Complete this online registration form. Each participant in the Why Weight Kick-Start must complete a separate online registration form. Deadline for registration is Thursday, February 4th.

To participate in the challenge, each member of the team is required to:

1. Sign a liability waiver

2. Pay the $5 registration fee, which is directly contributed to the prize pot* for the top team

The liability waiver and $5 payment can be mailed to AhealthyU in MGC 330-O, or participants can bring them to the first weigh-in. The liability waiver can also be submitted electronically by using an e-signature or scanning the signed document and emailing it to

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3. Establish Goals

Participants will establish a weight goal with AhealthyU, which will be tracked through weekly weigh-ins.

Weight Goal

During the first week of the program all participants will be required to weigh in and establish a weight goal with AhealthyU. At the first weigh-in, participants will be classified into a BMI range and each member of the team will be provided a weight loss goal based on this range (see table below). These ranges are established from national standard BMI categories. The categories are associated with a weight loss goal based on percentage of start weight.

Participants who fall in the healthy BMI ranges will have the choice to either maintain or lose weight, and will also be provided a goal based on the appropriate category. Participants who choose to maintain their weight must stay within 2% of their start weight. 

Participants will not be penalized for losing more weight than their established goal, but will not be awarded extra points for doing so. 

BMI categories and associated weight loss goals:


18.5 – 21.9

22 – 24.9

25 – 29.9

30 or greater


Choice to maintain (stay within 2% of start weight) or lose 1% of starting weight

Choice to maintain (stay within 2% of start weight) or lose 2% of starting weight

Lose 4% of starting weight

Lose 5% of starting weight

Standings will be determined based on the percentage of weight loss goal that each team has achieved. Individual weights will not be shared with others.

Note: BMI (Body Mass Index) is a height to weight ratio. It does not take into account muscle mass, age, or activity level. BMI is widely accepted as a practical and valid tool for identifying individuals who may be at risk for weight-related health problems. Carrying any amount of extra body weight puts added stress on the body.

Click the following link for more information on BMI and for a BMI Calculator

AhealthyU Activities

In addition to tracking weight, participants will have the opportunity to earn additional points by participating in qualifying AhealthyU activities. See the complete list below. At the start of the Challenge, AhealthyU will email participants unique forms to submit their activities each week. Participants are responsible for signing in or obtaining participation confirmation for all activities. Winners must provide verification of activities. AhealthyU reserves the right to audit any questionable activity points that are submitted.

Participants will earn one point per session for the following activities:

  • AhealthyU Group Fitness Classes
  • AU Rec Sports Weight Loss Club
  • AU Rec Sports Winter Walking Group
  • AU Dining Dietitian Consultation (main campus; convenient for on-campus participants)
    • Jo-Ann Jolly, Registered Dietitian for AU Dining, focuses on promoting healthy eating and wellness education in the academic setting. She oversees all aspects of nutrition for AU Dining and is available for complimentary consultations during the Why Weight Kick-Start. To set up an appointment, email Jo-Ann. Limit 2 sessions per participant during the program.
  • Health Coaching (remote coaching available; convenient for off-campus participants)
    • Samantha Attard, PhD, is a wellness coach, yoga instructor, and Nutrition Professor at AU. In these sessions you'll discuss past challenges and future goals with regards to weight and overall wellness. Learn more about Sam at, and sign up for a 30-minute session at Limit 2 sessions per participant during the Why Weight Kick-Start. 
  • Weight Watchers at Work
  • Telephonic Coaching
    • It is advised to make an appointment immediately to allow for scheduling delays
    • If you are a full-time employee and receive AU medical benefits through Kaiser, call 1-866-862-4295 to schedule an appointment
    • If you are a full-time employee and receive AU medical benefits through CareFirst OR you currently Waive Medical Benefits through AU, call 1-800-783-4582 to schedule an appointment
    • Be sure to check the HIPAA authorization box so we can verify your participation in case you are on a winning team
  • HMR
  • Food and/or exercise journal tracking
    • Online apps or hard copy
    • Example of online apps: MyFitnessPal, Loseit, SparkPeople; Example of hard copy journals: WELLog, printouts
    • Maximum of 1 point per day for logging food and/or exercise

4. Earn Points

Participants will have the opportunity to earn points for their team each week through weigh-ins at the AhealthyU Office in MGC 330-O. Click the link below to see the schedule for dates and times of check-ins. Weigh-ins occur weekly and impact each team's weekly standings. At minimum, participants are required to weigh in during the first and last weeks to qualify for prizes. In addition, participants can earn points through participating in the qualifying AhealthyU Activities (see list above). Participants will earn one point per session in these activities.

Check-In Schedule

Off-Campus Participants
For participants who work off-campus, please scroll to the bottom of the Check-in Schedule page for off-campus locations where AhealthyU scales are present. Off-campus participants are required to capture a photo of the scale while weighing in and send this to AhealthyU via email each week. See full instructions on the Check-in Schedule page.

Weight Points:

-Weight Loss Participants: points are awarded based on percentage of weight loss goal achieved at final weigh-in (Ex: if 100% of goal is achieved = 100 points)
-Weight Maintenance Participants: at final weigh-in, 100 points are awarded for staying within 2% of start weight (0 points awarded if out of this range)

AhealthyU Activity Points:

-Participants receive points for participating in the qualifying AhealthyU Activities (see list above)

Grand total = Weight Points + AhealthyU Activity Points

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4. Win Great Prizes

Grand Prizes
Each participant will pay $5 to be a part of the Why Weight Kick-Start. This money makes up the prize* pot for the winners. The first place team (team with the most points at the end of the program) will split ½ of the total pot between the two members. In the event of a tie, AhealthyU will make a decision based on the number of eligible winners. The remaining pot will be distributed equally over the course of the next nine months. Participants who continue monthly weigh-ins will be entered into a raffle each month for the remaining prize pot. More instructions on this to come during the program.

Weekly Raffles

Each week, participants who complete a weigh-in and/or submit AhealthyU Activities for that week through the online submission form, will be entered into a raffle to win prizes for their team. Raffle winners have a choice between a half bushel of From the Farmer or a $30 voucher to the AU Farmers Market (both prizes split between the two team members).

Individual Prizes
All participants who finish the program within 20% of their goal weight will be eligible to receive a prize, including an AhealthyU wicking T-Shirt, CoolMax Athletic Socks, and more!

*Prize money is subject to tax

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