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Creativity/Innovation Challenge

innovation challenge winner

This year's 'problem' was "How to create the largest AU logo that could be seen from space". The criteria for selecting the winner was "originality" and winner was determined by members of the AU Innovation Facilitators group.

The winning solution: Through our partnership with Ritsumeikan University, collaborate to creat an AU logo through the medium of Japanese rice paddy crop art. (See These intricate, culturally unique artistic works are massive.

Karen will receive a bust of Leonardo da Vinci to put on display in her office for the year, a copy of "How to Think Like Leonardo d Vinci" by Michael Gelb, and the pride of knowing that her brain-power was officially recognized at AU!!

Runners up will receive a Leonardo da Vinci button as well as a fable about thinking, called "Why Didn't I Think of That" by Dr. Roger Firestien.

1st runner up: Linay Foreman, Facilities Managment - Purchase recycled glass mulch from "Close the Loop" ( and use it to create the AU logo somewhere on campus.

2nd runner up: Tara Lemerise and Sara Bayne (HR)

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who submitted ideas! Get ready for next year!!!