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Extend the Celebration of Creativity and Innovation Year-Round

Creativity and Innovation

Recently, our faculty and staff celebrated World Creativity and Innovation Week, and participated in various activities aimed at increasing our awareness and understanding of innovation. 

To mark the week, Dr. Scott Isaksen, a leading researcher, academician, and practitioner in the field of innovation gave a number of presentations and participated in a panel discussion.  (In case you missed it, Dr. Isaksen’s presentations can be viewed here - see Quick Links.)  We also held a campus-wide solution competition about how to create an AU logo that can be seen from outer space.

Creativity and innovation are year-round goals at American University.  To learn how you can be more creative and innovative, be sure to take the courses that are offered by the Workplace Learning and Development department of Human Resources and AU Innovation Facilitators.  Also visit the Creativity and Innovation Web site which serves as an e-tool kit of ideas to incorporate creative and innovative thinking into practice.