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Professional News

Say Hello to OLA

Since late March, OLA, American University’s new online employment application system, has enabled prospective employees to apply online at our Web site for full-time staff positions.  OLA streamlines our talent acquisition process and allows us to attract, and select from, a top-notch pool of talent from the marketplace.  

Applicants now may apply for positions by completing an online form.  Hiring managers and search committees have the advantage of:
•    being able to access the entire applicant pool for a particular job in one centralized location;
•    get real-time reports to determine the diversity of the applicant pool; and
•    assess and rate individual candidates online.

OLA not only bolsters our reputation as an efficient, high-performing organization, it also helps us to promote our green efforts by maintaining and transacting the application process entirely online.

If you are a Human Resources representatives or hiring manager, be sure to view the OLA training videos that are available on the portal, and attend the Best Practices in Recruiting overview that demonstrates how OLA supports the recruiting process.