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Opportunity to Self Identify Veteran Status or Disability

Read the Affirmative Action Program memorandum and return the self-identification form

By Ravi Raman

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If you wish to self identify a veteran status or a disability and have not done so before, help American University in our commitment to attract and retain a diverse faculty and staff, and comply with federal Affirmative Action regulations.

Simply take a moment to read the University’s Affirmative Action Program memorandum (see Quick Links) and return the attached Invitation to Self Identify in an envelope marked confidential to the attention of Affirmative Action Policy Analyst in Human Resources by September 27, 2010.  Self-identification under this program is voluntary and confidential.

American University is required to provide certain information to the federal government because of our status as a contractor with the government.  As part of these requirements, we provide the federal government with annual regulatory reports on the demographics of our employees. 

For more information about the university’s Affirmative Action Program, contact Human Resources.