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Implementing Flex Time

By Sally Acharya

For years, many AU departments were offering flex time on an informal basis. In fact, 86 percent of departments offered that option. But Human Resources knew that staff wanted a more formal policy, and this fall, after working with a subgroup of the university benefits project team and developing a policy, flex time became a formal part of office life on campus.

But it can be challenging for managers to understand how to juggle the schedules found in today’s offices, where some people may work from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., others may work longer hours compressed into four days, and others may have a reduced work week.

This spring, HR will work with a think tank at Boston College that specializes in helping employers implement flexible work policies.

“It’s very much driven by the job you do and the department’s needs, and we wanted to give managers the tools and resources they can use,” said Bayne.

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