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Walktober | October 3 - November 2

Fall is an ideal time to walk. Temperatures are moderate and the autumn colors are spectacular. Walktober is designed to inspire you to dramatically boost your walking with fun, motivating tools to set goals, track progress, share success, and support other participants.

How does Walktober work? 

Your goal is to accumulate Walktober leaves by recording walking or exercise activity each day.

Any combination of red, orange, or gold leaves counts toward the goal of 20 leaves in 31 days.

  • 30-44 activity minutes or 6000-7999 steps = a red leaf
  • 45-59 activity minutes or 8000-9999 steps = an orange leaf
  • 60+ activity minutes or 10000+ steps = a gold leaf

We'll kick off Walktober with a 30 minute group walk on October 3. Don't miss out!
Lace up your walking shoes and meet us in front of Kay Spiritual Life Center at noon.

More Group Walks:

  • Thurs. 10/20, 12pm; meet in front of Kay Spiritual Life Center
  • Tue. 10/25, 12pm; meet in front of WCL
  • Wed. 11/2, 12pm; meet in front of Kay Spiritual Life Center


Who can participate?

Walktober is open to all AU Faculty and Staff members — whether you're just starting out or are an avid exerciser. Aim for 30 minutes of activity or 6000 steps a day, 4 days a week to start, then gradually increase your activity and walking to 5 or more days a week at 45-60 minutes or 8000-10000 steps by the end of the program.  

Is there team participation?

Yes! Being on a team makes Walktober even more fun as you enjoy friendly competition. And team participation greatly increases your chances of success. Starting or joining a team is easy; for details, check out the Team tab on the Getting Started page after you register. Teams can have between 4 and 10 members. All teams must be formed by October 5.


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (Registration begins 9/19)

Clicking the link above will take you to the AhealthyU Walktober website where you will be able to register for the program and explore all that the Walktober program has to offer.

Cost: FREE

Registration Begins: Monday, September 19

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, October 5
Please note that all team members must register for the program and teams must be formed by the registration deadline.


frequently asked questions

This FAQ can also be accessed by clicking here (Full information available 9/19)

What is Walktober?

October is ideal for walking. The temperatures are moderate and colors are spectacular, vacations are over, and the holidays haven't arrived. Making the most of this great season, Walktober is a 31-day walking campaign designed to:

  • Guide you through the benefits of walking
  • Help you incorporate walking into your daily routine
  • Dramatically boost the amount you walk
  • Inspire you to make walking a priority — in October and beyond

It's a perfect time to get into a regular walking routine that will carry you right through winter. 

How do I move along the route? 

Each time you record exercise minutes or steps, you move to the next location on the trail. As you progress you'll see spectacular fall images and vivid descriptions of that location. It's a fun, effective way to track physical activity.

When you register, you will select to record using exercise minutes or steps. You will not be able to change your logging method once Walktober begins.

What is the goal of the program?

Your goal is to accumulate at least 20 leaves for the 31-day program by recording exercise minutes or steps: 

  • 30-44 minutes / 6000-7999 steps = Red 
  • 45-59 minutes / 8000-9999 steps = Orange 
  • 60+ minutes / 10000+ steps = Gold

Any combination of red, orange, or gold leaves counts toward your goal. If you're just starting out, shoot for 20 red leaves; if you're already active, aim higher. The idea is to develop a consistent walking routine you can stick to during Walktober and for life.

All participants who earn at least 20 leaves during the 31 day program will be eligible to receive a pair of CoolMax athletic socks, an AhealthyU wicking t-shirt, or an AhealthyU lunchbox. Participants who earn at least 30 out of 31 possible leaves will be presented with a special prize at the end of the program.

What is Sole Mates?

Sole Mates is a buddy feature where you can invite others to a friendly challenge or to offer support as they follow your progress.

How does the team competition work?

The goal of team participation is to reinforce healthy habits with a fun, friendly competition that emphasizes the overall goals of Walktober. Scores are based on the team's average leaf points, not team total. Each person's individual contribution affects the team score, so it's best to form a team with those who will encourage and support each other along the way.

The three teams with the highest scores at the end of Walktober will earn rewards.

Do I have to join a team or can I go it alone?

Team participation is optional. Although you can participate on your own, Walktober is even more fun when you're on a team. And numerous studies show that you're more likely to stick with healthy habits when supported by others.

Can anyone start a team?

Yes. After you register, click the Team link to get started and invite others to join. The person who starts the team is the team leader. Remember, teams consist of 4 to 10 members — as soon as a third person registers and accepts your invitation, your team is official and you can continue adding up to 6 more.

Must all teams have 4 to 10 members?

Yes. A team is not official unless there are 4 to 10 members. Anyone who isn't on an official team can still participate in Walktober as an individual, but will not be part of the team competition.

Do team leaders have any special responsibilities?

To make sure 3 to 9 others register and accept the invitation to form an official team. Other than that, all team members are responsible for recording their own activity as well as encouraging and supporting each other in the Walktober experience.

Do all team members have to be in the same location?

No. While there are advantages to teammates all being from the same location, anyone can form a team and participate.

How can I be sure my Walktober daily tips aren't caught in my spam filter?

Add to your email client's safe sender list or to your safe domain list.

What other resources can I access in Walktober?

We've gathered the best walking/hiking websites and compiled them on the Resources page. Check out Must-See Destinations on the map for information on great places to walk.

What if I have questions about the program?

Use the Contact link at the bottom of each website page (once you have logged on to A Walktober representative will respond within 1 business day.