College Affordability: AU and Your Educational Goals

  • Percent of Institutional Expenditures on Merit vs. Need

    A Shift
    In AU

    Almost 50% increase in need-based
    funding in 5 years

  • AU average loan default rate 2.6% vs. 9.1% national average

    Low Default
    Rates &
    Loan Debt

    Understanding the cumulative,
    long-term impact of loan
    choices is imperative

  • Bar chart showing decrease in tuition

    How is AU

    Protecting the value,
    moderating the cost

  • Kogod Stock Exchange Lab

    A Quality

    President Kerwin talks about
    the qualities that  make AU special

  • At AU and beyond, students, faculty, and
alumni experience the best of Washington, D.C. and the world.

    High Quality

    At AU and beyond, students,
    faculty, and alumni experience
    the best of Washington, D.C.
    and the world

We believe deeply in the great value of an AU education. Our story is not the national story.

When choosing a college we believe that the focus should be on selecting the best fit for your educational needs. Whether you are considering attending, or you've already chosen American University as the transformational environment that will stimulate and inspire you into a lifetime of passion for education and knowledge that will effect change, we understand that financing your education is a reality.

In Washington, D.C., and across the nation, student debt, loan rates and college affordability have become increasingly important issues since the start of the recession. The fragile economy and job market have created uncertainty for students and families across the country.

However, unlike a commodity, the value of a quality education does not fluctuate. 

American University is committed to using all of its resources to help motivated students attain their educational goals. We’ve developed these tools and resources to help students and their families understand and manage their personal finances to take the actions that best fit their educational situations.

We look forward to working with you regarding financing an AU education.

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