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Tobacco-Free AU | Project Team Members

The University project team will make recommendation on the creation and effective implementation of the policy. The team’s role is advisory to the university administration and will focus on policy and operational guidance. It is composed of the chairs of four subcommittees, as well as at-large representatives. Membership on the subcommittees includes representation from students, faculty, staff, and external constituents. The project team will access resource persons with responsibility for various aspects of the implementation.


  • Beth Muha, assistant vice president, Human Resources
  • Rob Hradsky, assistant vice president & dean of students, Campus Life

Subcommittee Co-Chairs



  • Phil Morse, senior director of Public Safety and Emergency Management
  • Rick Treter, director of residence life, Housing & Dining Programs

Facilities & Grounds

  • Mark Feist, assistant director, Facilities Management

Health & Wellness

  • Tessa Telly, director of the Wellness Center
  • Ann Joiner, senior director, employee benefits, Human Resources

At-Large Members

  • Matteo Becchi, Staff Council Chair
  • Penny Pagano, alumni and neighborhood representative
  • Emily Yu, Student Government representative
  • Lauren Lane, Graduate Leadership Council representative

Subcommittee Charge and Membership

Communications Responsible for communicating the case for a tobacco & smoke- free campus and raising awareness of health risks associated with tobacco use; designing Open Forums and other vehicles for community input into policy implementation; creating an implementation Web page and managing social media to support the implementation effort; and designing a communications strategy to sustain the commitment to a tobacco & smoke-free campus environment and policy awareness.

  • Maralee Csellar, associate director of Media Relations, Chair
  • Patrick Bradley, web communications coordinator
  • Rosemary Cipriano, undergraduate representative
  • Shelly D'Amico, assistant director of HR communications
  • Andrew Huff, director of community relations
  • Anna Olsson, Staff Council representative

Enforcement Responsible for designing an enforcement program for students, faculty, staff and campus visitors with a transition period and penalties that are sufficient to deter policy violations. Recommend resources necessary to implement the enforcement plan.

  • Phillip Morse, senior director for Public Safety and Emergency Management, Co-Chair
  • Rick Treter, director of Residence Life, Co-Chair
  • W. Joseph Campbell, faculty representative
  • Elizabeth Horsley, Staff Council
  • Deadre Johnson, director of employee relations
  • Patricia Leslie, undergraduate representative
  • Rosie McSweeney, director student conduct & conflict resolution

Facilities & Grounds Responsible for designing perimeter smoking receptacles and AU property signage that supports and reinforces the attributes of a tobacco & smoke-free environment, with attention to management of parking areas and garages and operating and use of university-owned vehicles.

  • Mark Feist, assistant director, Facilities Management, Chair
  • Emily Curley, Staff Council
  • Kevin Michael Levy, undergraduate representative

Health & Wellness – Responsible for assembling the substantive information that supports the tobacco & smoke-free campus policy and collaborating with the Communications Sub-Committee to present it to the campus community through a variety of vehicles that include workshops, media articles, Web postings, social media, etc. Also responsible for identifying and promoting resources for smoking/tobacco use cessation, designing incentive for not using tobacco products and advocating for changes in insurance coverage that will support smoking/tobacco use cessation treatments.

  • Tessa Telly, director of the Wellness Center, Co-Chair
  • Ann Joiner, senior director of employee benefits, Co-Chair
  • Matt Barresi, wellness program manager
  • Jerrad Carter, assistant director of benefit operations
  • Quinn Hirsch, undergraduate representative
  • Joe Hudson, health practitioner
  • Carson Merenbloom, Student Government representative
  • Tara Sabbagh, Staff Council representative
  • Leah Tasman, wellness program graduate assistant