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Tobacco-and Smoke-Free AU | Smoking Cessation Resources

For Students

UnitedHealthcare Student Resources (for those enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan) offers discounts on programs and services designed to help participants to stop smoking and/or to stop using other forms of tobacco. Discounts include over-the-counter medication and smoking cessation programs.

To access, log onto If you have not done so already, click “Create Account.” Be sure to have your “Member Number” handy, which is on your insurance card.

Once you have created an account, click on the “Wellness” tab. Under “Specialty,” select “Smoking Cessation.” After entering your zipcode, you will see a list of services available to you.

Note: Smoking cessation prescription medications are covered under the Student Health Insurance Plan at the regular copay amounts.

If you are not enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan, check with your personal health insurance to see what programs they offer. Most insurance plans offer some type of support or services.

If you have questions, please contact Tessa Telly, AU Wellness Center manager, at x3255.

Off-campus resources: 

Thanks to the UnitedHealth Allies Discount Program, you have access to several smoking cessation products and programs, including Cirrus Healthcare, Health Journeys, Living Free and Quit for Life. For more information go to:

  • The UnitedHealth Allies Discount Program is administered by HealthAllies, Inc., a discount medical plan organization. UnitedHealth Allies discount plan is NOT insurance.


Faculty and Staff

If you have questions about AHealthyU, American University’s Wellness Program for faculty and staff, please contact Leah Tasman, Wellness Program Manager.

Tobacco Cessation Benefits for AU Medical and Flexible Spending Account Plan Participants

  • CareFirst and Express Scripts
    Most smoking cessation medications are covered through the Express Scripts pharmacy benefit at a $0 copay. Chantix, one of the covered medications, also includes support through the GETQUIT Plan. Information on smoking cessation programs can be found on CareFirst’s website.
  • Kaiser Permanente
    Smoking cessation medications are covered under the Kaiser plan at the regular copay amounts. Kaiser provides online "Quit Smoking" resources, including information on smoking cessation programs sponsored by Kaiser, smoking cessation medications, and telephone counseling resources.
  • PayFlex – Medical Flexible Spending Account
    Stop-smoking programs (including hypnosis, over-the-counter gums and patches) are covered as an eligible expense, but will require a prescription and/or Letter of Medical Necessity. A sample letter can be found on the PayFlex website.


Faculty, Staff, and Students

Insurance Company Programs

Below are links to information on tobacco cessation programs offered by major insurance companies. If your medical insurance company is not on the list, check their web site or call them for information on their tobacco cessation program(s).

Local and National Tobacco Cessation Programs

Below are links to information on tobacco cessation programs offered by local and national organizations.