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Use our interactive IRB determination tool below to determine if your study will require IRB review. This tool may be used in place of the IRB Determination Form.

Pilot users needed for online protocol system

The IRB will transition from Adobe PDF files to an online protocol management and review system in the Fall 2016 semester.  Faculty users are invited to pilot the system now for new applications.  If interested in being a pilot user, please contact the IRB office at 202-885-3447.  Student, continuation, and modification applications will be available later this summer. 

IRB Forms

Notice - Please submit forms at least one month prior to projected start of your research. PDF forms will require the latest version of Adobe Reader. You may need to reboot your system after installation. For best results, save a copy of the form to your computer and open within the Adobe Reader application, do not open from your browser. Please contact the IRB office if you are having difficulties.

Some browsers are currently experiencing problems with in-browser PDF viewers. Click here for help on how to save a file to your computer.

Please use the IRB Submission Checklist to ensure that you complete and submit all of the documents required for an IRB application. All of the relevant forms and documents are available below. Please do not submit this checklist with your application - it is for your use and convenience only.

Application Forms 

Determination Form - A paper-based version of the determination tool above used to determine if your research is eligible for IRB exemption or review. Submit only if you require documentation of an IRB non-human subjects determination. Do not submit if the IRB Exemption Request or IRB Application will be submitted. Revised 9-2011

To submit a protocol for IRB review, one of the following forms must be submitted. For explanation of exempt, expedited, and full board review, please see the definitions page. Do not submit both forms. 

IRB Application (For expedited or full IRB review only) Revised 10-2011

Request for Exemption Application (For exemption only) Revised 8 -2011

Supplement Forms 

Below are the supplement forms for use with the IRB Application form. Refer to the form and attach only those that apply to your research protocol.

IRB Supplement Form A - Request for a Waiver of Written Documentation of Consent.

IRB Supplement Form B - Request a Waiver of Consent. Revised

IRB Supplement Form C - Request to use Deception in Research.

IRB Supplement Form D - Use of the Internet in Human Participants Research.

IRB Supplement Form E - International Research.

IRB Supplement Form F - Research Involving Child Participants.

IRB Supplement Form G - Research Involving Prisoners as Subjects

IRB Supplement Form H - Research Involving Stored Data for Future Use

IRB Supplement Form I - Research Involving Conflicts of Interest

Other Forms and Documents

Other forms may be required if changes to your protocol occur after IRB approval, or if your research lasts beyond the timeframe of the approval.

Modification Request Form – Use to request changes to the originally approved or exempt protocol. Changes in your research protocol cannot be executed without approval.

Add Personnel Form - Use instead of modification request form if the only change to your protocol is new personnel.

Continuation/Termination Request – Use for protocols that have passed their approval date, or to terminate a protocol early. Required to renew approval. Once the timeframe for approval has passed, all research must cease until a new approval or exemption is granted.

Unanticipated Problem Report – Use to report issues that occur within the scope of the research that were not included in the approved or exempt protocol

Informed Consent Checklist – Lists the necessary components of an informed consent document

Informed Consent Template – Use to assist with the drafting of an informed consent form. This template was drafted to assist student researchers.

*Note only the forms contained within these links are considered current. The IRB will not review any previous forms.