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Kogod Now is a bi-annual, digital research magazine produced by the Kogod School of Business at American University. Its content examines trending business topics through current academic research.

Our new issue explores the Business of Media. You’ll find faculty insight into the dynamics of crowdfunding and the impact of crowdsourcing on labor markets; how television impacts teens' perceptions of alcohol; and the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of racial stereotypes in advertising.

In this issue:

  • The Crowdsourced Revolution: Professors Erran Carmel and William DeLone and Associate Professor Gwanhoo Lee explore how crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, and social media are changing the face of business.
  • Teen Drinking Behavior Influenced by Popular TV Storylines: Teens in television shows rarely face the music when it comes to alcohol abuse. This lack of consequence can send the wrong message that having a few drinks at a party is nothing to worry about. Assistant Professors Cristel Russell and Wendy Boland investigate.
  • Stereotypes and Sales: Do Provocative Ads Drive Business?: Associate Professor Sonya Grier discovers that despite the backlash some ads receive from cultural groups, companies keep making them.
  • Does Speculation Really Affect Food Prices?: Are the hedge funds speculators entering the food futures markets responsible for the exponential increases in food costs in the past decade? Or are natural disasters and weather conditions to blame? Associate Professor Michel Robe and Assistant Professor Valentina Bruno find the answers.

We also welcome columnist Dr. Dorothy Kosinski of the Phillips Collection, who writes about the art of modern fundraising.

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