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Graduate Student Profile

Tawfiq Al-Hathloul

kogod graduate student











Graduate Student

MS Marketing, Full-time

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Undergraduate Institution: King Saud University, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Campus Involvement: AU Film Architects, Graduate Marketing Club

Previous Employer: Mobily, Advertising Manager based in Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Kogod Decision Criteria: The design of the MS Marketing program at Kogod School of Business (KSB) is unbeatable. The program offers a competitive and comprehensive curriculum, cohort-based agency work and executive speaker’s series. The curriculum met my requirements by offering comprehensive core courses as well as specialized courses such as Marketing for Social Change and Sports Marketing.

The faculty is very diverse, with different career backgrounds in ad agencies, leading companies, nonprofit organizations and research. KSB offers a key knowledge attraction with such highly ranked profiles. 

Marketing students come from a variety of countries and states, which for me made the program more attractive.

Kogod Value: The marketing program has been an amazing experience so far! When you are at Kogod you really get the feeling you are working in a professional environment, integrated with students from different MS programs and MBA students. The Kogod Signature Marketing Experience provides you a chance to work with a local client and gives marketing students the opportunity to live the corporate life inside the school, with more knowledge and relationship exposure!