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Graduate Student Profile

Michael Barton

Undergraduate Institution: James Madison University

Previous or Current Employer/Internship: Vice President of Energy Management at Gates Hudson Services

Kogod Decision Criteria: I had been looking for a graduate program that would help me to take my work experience to the next level. Initially I thought that would be an MBA program. The more research I did on various programs, the more I was drawn to the MSSM. Since the program is through the business school, not only am I able to get aspects of an MBA, but I am also able to take my career path to a new level with the sustainability focus within the program.

Kogod Value: I place a high value on Kogod because it allows me to focus on the major I desired, while having minimal impact on my career and family life. The flexibility of the MSSM program and proximity close to home makes it a win-win for me. Many programs for people in my situation would be completed on-line so the ability for me to complete a degree in person is invaluable.