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Graduate Student Profile

Steve Beam

Steve Beam grad student











Graduate Student

Full-time MBA

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Undergraduate Institution: The George Washington University

Campus Involvement: Kogod Graduate Ambassador, Graduate Business Association

Previous Employer Internship: Serco, North America

Kogod Decision Criteria: Coming to Kogod was an easy decision. The impressive faculty, small class sizes, sense of community, cohesive curriculum, and location in Washington DC made Kogod stand out to me.

Kogod Value: The thoughtfulness with which the Kogod mantra of valuing profit and purpose is incorporated within our curriculum and integrated between classes is fantastic. Combining lessons between classrooms and experiences outside of campus helps implant knowledge in convincing fashion.

I love the commitment and accessibility of the professors. Everybody on campus, from the Administration to the Professors to the Students is motivated to be here. That creates a palpable sense of excitement about what we're accomplishing with our Business Degrees, not only within the walls of Kogod, but outside the walls of Kogod as we work in the local and international communities.