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Graduate Student Profile

Seyi (Oluseyi) Famuyima

Seyi (Oluseyi) Famuyima, Grad Student











Graduate Student

Full-time MBA

Undergraduate Institution: University of California, Riverside, B.A. in Economics and Administrative Studies

Campus Involvement: AU Black MBA Association

Previous Employer: Zenith Media

Kogod Decision Criteria: I chose to attend the Kogod School of Business mainly because the program emphasized the small classroom sizes and I knew that I wanted to be at an institution that valued the student-professor experience. Also, as someone looking to go into the fashion retail industry, it was nice seeing that Kogod has trips to NYC for students interested in this area along with advertising and PR. Lastly, being from California, I wanted a change of pace. I have always been a fan of DC just from the outside looking in and wanted to experience it for myself. There is so much that goes on in DC, both professionally and socially. Especially for young professionals, there is a lot of opportunity out here.

Kogod Value: Having a cohort based program has shown me the meaning of teamwork. No one is trying to tear the next person down. We are all trying to do our best and are willing to lend a helping hand when needed (yay for tutoring sessions!). I have already established friendships with some of my classmates that I know will last past my two years here at Kogod.