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Meet an Undergraduate Student

Kris Gundersen

Class of 2014

Major: BS in Business Administration, BA in International Studies
Specializations: Finance and International Business
Hometown: Seattle, WA

Campus Activities

Kogod 1955 Club, AU Club Ultimate Frisbee, Work in the KCCD

Internship Experience

Investment Analysis Intern at Tallsalt Advisors, LLC and Intern abroad at AsociacĂ­on de Balconcesto Colegial (Madrid)

My Favorite Place in D.C.

Georgetown Waterfront

Most Memorable Experience at AU/Kogod

Going to the Dean's Dinner for alumni and donors as a student representative of Kogod. It was a lot of fun to talk to alumni and donors who I may not normally get to meet, especially those alumni from the original graduating Kogod class; plus good food and drinks is always good.