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Libby Harrison











Graduate Student

MA/MBA 2013, Part-time

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Undergraduate Institution: The George Washington University

Campus Involvement: Kogod Graduate Ambassador

Current Employer: National Geographic Channel

Kogod Decision Criteria: I wanted a business school where I could have the flexibility to design a curriculum that would develop and strengthen the skills I need to succeed within the television industry.  Traditional concentrations like Accounting or International Business don't really apply to what I want to do, and I liked that I could develop my own concentration that would allow me to take targeted classes both within and outside of Kogod.

Kogod Value: Attending school part-time while working full-time is definitely a challenge, but I can't imagine learning about business any other way. In my first year, I found so many connections between the classroom and the conference room.  Coupled with great classmates and professors and a very helpful admissions team, I'm reminded every day that I made the right decision to earn my MBA at American University.