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Graduate Student Profile

Joshua Kaplan











Graduate Student

MS Sustainability Management, Part-time

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Undergraduate Institution: American University

Campus Involvement: Office of Sustainability, Sustainability Management Club

Current Employer: American University, Office of Sustainability, Outreach Specialist

Kogod Decision Criteria: After completing an undergraduate degree in environmental science, I was looking for an opportunity to develop the management and financial skills required to lead organizations from a perspective of environmental and social responsibility. Kogod's specialized approach to sustainability business education, so that it is the entire focus of the degree rather than just a tacked-on component to an MBA, mirrors the school's entire approach to business education. The idea that profit and purpose should go hand in hand drives the students and the faculty of the school, and when it became apparent that this approach to business education ran much deeper than a marketing slogan, I knew the Kogod School of Business was the right place to study sustainability management.

Kogod Value: The wide range of educational and professional background of my fellow students is a highlight of the program. The ability to draw on their expertise in fields as wide-ranging as architecture, engineering, political science, and the humanities, as well as business, leads to fantastic results in group projects, especially in a program as inherently interdisciplinary as the MSSM. You truly feel that with every interaction, you are developing a network of colleagues that will stay with you as you become an alumnus.