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Julie Lush

professional mba student julie lush











Graduate Student

Professional MBA

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Undergraduate Institution: Denison University

Current Employer: M+R Strategic Services, Inc.

Kogod Decision Criteria: There were a number of factors that contributed to my choosing Kogod. I wanted an MBA program that would allow me to get an excellent education, build a professional network, and work full time without needing to be in school for longer than three years. The cohort, the class schedule, the professors, and the program structure of the PMBA program fit those needs perfectly. Additionally, each time I visited Kogod, I was struck by the focus on community and student success that was stressed by every person I spoke with. That emphasis, combined with the flexibility of the PMBA program made Kogod the right fit for me.

Kogod Value: The best aspect of the PMBA, Kogod experience is the cohort structure. It’s not always easy balancing full-time work, part-time school, friends, family and other responsibilities. Having a group of people around you who know exactly what is on your plate at any given time, and can directly relate to your experience is invaluable. Additionally, the professional network the cohort provides is invaluable. Each person in the cohort has unique and impressive experiences and abilities, and learning from them has been the best aspect of the program so far.