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Graduate Student Profile

Meaghan Malek











Graduate Student

MS Real Estate, Full-time

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Undergraduate Institution: Arizona State University

Current Employer: Bozzuto Development Company, Real Estate Development Associate

Kogod Decision Criteria: I chose to attend the Kogod School of Business for its curriculum and reputation. Kogod is distinguished among employers and has graduated many successful alumni in the Real Estate industry. Unlike other real estate programs in the DC area, the MSRE program is accredited through the business school, which was important to me.

Kogod Value: My classes have given me a strong foundation in all areas of Real Estate from development to finance. Industry leaders often speak during our lectures, which helps us apply what we’ve learned to current projects outside of the classroom. Our small class sizes allow us to truly understand unique perspectives other students have to offer based on their experiences. Our professors are accessible and always willing to help students, often times guiding us through our careers.