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Graduate Student Profile

Megan Hunt

megan hunt

Professional MBA

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Undergraduate Institution: Bellevue University

Current Employer: Raytheon

Kogod Decision Criteria: I chose the Kogod Professional MBA because of the unique program structure. AU is the only institution in the DMV providing an opportunity to earn an MBA in 27 months while studying one course at a time. As a working professional, I really appreciate that I wasn't overwhelmed with an in class commitment I wasn't sure I could meet. The iPad, delicious food and opportunity to study abroad didn't hurt either!

Kogod Value: So far, my experience has been extremely positive! All of the professors are fun and knowledgeable but my classmates are my favorite part. Everyone varies in age, education, and professional experience which makes each class more interesting. Some students already have expertise in class subjects and help show the application of our education. Very happy with my choice!