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Graduate Student Profile

Laston Musenga

Laston Musenga graduate student










Graduate Student

Full-Time MBA

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Undergraduate Institution: Copperbelt University, Kitwe, Zambia

Campus Involvement: Graduate Business Association and the Consulting Club

Previous or Current Employer/Internship: VisionFund Zambia &Aim Aerospace Inc.

Kogod Decision Criteria: Rich MBA program at a world class university in a fabulous city.

Kogod Value: I am always made to think outside the box as our program is centered on solving real world challenges. The Kogod MBA also encourages teamwork. This means the spirit of teamwork is inculcated in us from the word go as we work on a variety of cases. I never feel alone as I have my classmates pulling me along with them whenever I lag behind. But that does not mean there is no competition. Everyone in my class (and I mean everyone) is super intelligent. This means I am always getting challenged to know more and to be at a higher level of enlightenment.

The campus itself is a marvel. Beautiful infrastructure, green scenes all over, a well-stocked library and wonderful sports facilities all help me get the satisfaction I dreamed of while planning for grad school.

Lastly, the career development program we are exposed to is exceptional. I am living my academic dream.