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Graduate Student Profile

Kristen Pierce











Graduate Student

MBA 2014, Full-time


Undergraduate Institution: Penn State University

Campus Involvement: Kogod Graduate Ambassador, Kogod Women in Business, Kogod Center for Business Communications, Consulting Club

Previous Employer: Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington

Kogod Decision Criteria: After experiencing such a large undergraduate program, I was looking for a smaller, more personalized MBA program in the Washington, D.C. area. I sought out a program that focused on international business in the exceedingly globalized world that we live in. My visits with the admissions department solidified my choice. I was blown away by the Kogod community!

Kogod Value: The faculty, staff, and my classmates create a very tight-knit, extremely supportive community. I love that my professors and the staff know me by name, and while there is certainly competition, there is a heightened sense of camaraderie amongst my peers in Kogod. Being in a smaller program has provided me with a plethora of opportunities that I never thought possible.