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Graduate Student Profile

Lina Maria Rojas











Graduate Student

MBA 2013, Full-time


Undergraduate Institution: Universidad de los Andes, B.S. Industrial Engineering

Campus Involvement: Kogod Graduate Ambassador, Faculty Research Assistant

Previous Employer: Helm Bank, Emgesa – Endesa S.A. ESP, Bogota D.C., Colombia

Kogod Decision Criteria: After having worked in the financial sector for almost three years I realized that I wanted to pursue an MBA at Kogod. I was sure that it was going to give me the soft and hard skills and business acumen to be successful in finance and emerging markets; which in turn will help me reach my ultimate goal: to enhance my professional career and have connections to international organizations. I believe Kogod will provide me with a tremendous academic boost and its geographical location to some of the most influential and powerful organizations worldwide will offer added possibilities for me to expand professional relationships.

Kogod Value: Despite being so far from home, I have found a family here. The advantage of being at a small school is that you can make relationships that take hold from the start, so that teachers know your story from the beginning, call you by your name, and know your interests. The friendliness of the Kogod community is also something special. The professors always have their doors open to answer questions, give advice, and provide recommendations for positions you are applying to. Kogod is definitely a place that quickly leaves a big footprint for a lifetime.