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Graduate Student Profile

Nathan Santos

kogod student profile nathan santos











Graduate Student

Full-time MBA

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Undergraduate Institution: Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines

Campus Involvement: Kogod Graduate Ambassador, EDENS Retail Challenge, NYC Finance and Real Estate Trip, Kogod Asian MBA Association

Previous Employer: Starbucks Corporation, DC Metro Area

Kogod Decision Criteria: 

  • Good vibes – I knew it when I felt it: there was just this inviting aura of collegiality and camaraderie throughout the campus, but more so after interacting with both students and faculty
  • Perfect class size – I wanted a school where I could stand out and not be drowned out by the crowd, where I can take on leadership roles and get to connect with faculty on a more personal level, and being in a class of 30+ students made that possible
  • Network within AU – I wanted to have access to students and experts who specialize in non-business fields, and being at Kogod put me within reach of students and faculty from the School of International Service and the Washington College of Law
  • Network along the Mid-Atlantic – I knew that consulting or finance was where I wanted to be, and Kogod’s strong ties with schools and companies in the D.C. metro area, coupled with its significant alumni base in New York, was exactly what I needed

Kogod Value: 

  • Career Development: I could step out of class one day and attend a Deloitte resume workshop, while on another, sit down and learn from a Kogod alumnus who started out his own pizza chain. From day 1, there’s never been a lack of opportunity to jumpstart my career beyond the walls of the classroom. Furthermore, Kogod’s Career Center just has the best people around, and they’ve given me advice from resume strategies to finding the right tie for my suit.
  • Class Bonding: It would take me more effort to not know my classmates beyond their names and faces than otherwise. We study together, run together, among many other things. Along the way, we’ve all gotten to know each other well, and we spend plenty of nights together at our new home, a.k.a. the Graduate Research Center at Bender Library.