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Graduate Student Profile

Nazgol Zand











Graduate Student

MBA 2014, Full-time


Undergraduate Institution: Chapman University, CA

Campus Involvement: Graduate Ambassador, Net Impact, KWIB, Consulting Club

Previous Employer: United States Peace Corps, Ukraine

Kogod Decision Criteria: Choosing Kogod was love at first site. I had a chance to come to the admitted student dinner and loved how personable and accessible the staff and faculty were. The diversity of experiences and expectations for each and every student was inspiring. Three of my now classmates at the table still joke about that first dinner and how it sealed the deal for us that night.

There are so many things I love about the program. The small class sizes, having a chance to really get to know and work with other students from such diverse backgrounds, the school’s positive and supportive environment, makes us all supportive of each other opposed to competitive and negative. The professors, faculty and staff are all extremely accessible and have truly taken the time to know the students. Everyone from counselors to the Deans, make time to stop by and talk to you. Everyone is there to help you do well in school from start to finish.

Kogod Value: There is definitely a clear sense of community in the class. All faculty and staff are actively engage in strengthening the sense of community. Kogod supports its students academically and personally. The Kogod Center for Career Development does not just help you find a job, but they help you to establish a career path. The Center for Business Communications helps students improve writing and speaking skills for not only class projects, but for future communication within the work place.