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Kogod Alumni Profile

George Assimakopoulos, MBA '95

In March 2011, EyeTraffic Media, an interactive marketing consulting firm that shows agencies how to leverage the Internet, was acquired by Penton Media. "All of the sudden, you realize you've started a company from a start-up to a success," said George Assimakopoulos, EyeTraffic's founder. 

Even years after graduation, Assimakopoulos always keeps in mind the lessons he learned from Kogod professors.

Kogod classes show there's always a way to try something new, and failing is OK as long as you learn from it, Assimakopoulos said. Most successful business owners have failed numerous times before finding success.

"I am an entrepreneur by heart," he said. "I want to grow a business from zero to its first million."