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2016 Greater Washington Index: Millennials

Why Washington, D.C. Remains a Top Pick for Millennials

March 1st, 2017

2017 Kogod Greater Washington Millennial Index

American University announces the second annual Kogod Greater Washington Millennial Index, a new report that provides actionable research for regional business and community leaders to help them understand, attract, manage or retain millennials in the greater Washington area. Research shows millennials are the consumers and leaders of the future, attracting their tech-savvy skills and forward thinking perspectives will be essential for growth in the coming decades.

According to the report, millennials are the first generation of digital natives, they rely on technology to live, work and socialize; and they expect automation, customization as well as the ability to always access to what they want. Millennials are the largest living generation, numbering around 87 million members, surpassing Gen X as the largest segment of workers in 2015. Their size and impact in the workplace will continue to grow as the youngest members finish their education and enter the workforce.

The Index takes an in-depth look at what millennials are facing in the DC metro region, covering topics like salary levels, housing costs, commuting, what millennials want, and compares Washington with other millennial hot spots across the country.



View the full report here.