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2016 Greater Washington Index: Millennials

From Service to Product:
An Assessment of the Metro Region’s Cybersecurity Industry

April 6th, 2017



 The cybersecurity industry in the Washington, DC metro region (“the Region”) is well established. This report lays out its size, its activities, and a path for future development.

This report identifies 858 cybersecurity businesses in the Region. The Region’s cybersecurity firms showed a high concentration of service and solution-based business models. Only 5% of them are focused on developing cybersecurity products. This profound lack of product-based cybersecurity industry activity is striking, especially in light of significant regional investment in software product startup accelerators and incubators.

The independent work undertaken by the Kogod School of Business’ Initiative on Business in the Capital (the “Kogod Team”) incorporated into this report validates and reinforces prior work publicly disclosed by Amplifier Advisors. 

The Region faces not only the possibility of significant changes in federal spending, but also the continued progress of competing regions in the United States in developing market leading software product companies.


View the full report here.