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Did you know that we have a whole range of ways we can help support your teaching goals? We work with faculty both by visiting your classrooms to do workshops and by bringing our team to coach your students' group presentations. Listed below are other resources for supporting your teaching, facilitating your grading process, and conveying that excellent communications skills are part of a first-class business education:

  • Assignment design templates can ensure you'll write clear assignments that will reduce follow-up questions and encourage strong student work
  • Kogod rubrics will help set writing and speaking expectations for your students
  • Peer review instruction and facilitation so that students learn the best practice of giving one another advice and feedback
  • Guidance on embedding plagiarism avoidance and citation advice into your assignments
  • Suggestions for short papers and memos that are audience-based and problem-driven but also easier to grade
  • Comments by our peer consultants on your students' first drafts of papers, memos, or proposals. We can provide written feedback, resulting in better final papers for you to grade.
  • Suggestions for scaffolding assignments, updating and streamlining your Blackboard site, and teaching your students about new data visualization best practices.
  • Presentation coaching in which our peer consultants visit your class to rehearse your students' presentations and provide supportive yet constructive feedback

If your class is designated "O" for "oral intensive" or "W" for "writing intensive," we strongly encourage you to collaborate with us so we can improve your students' speaking and writing skills together.

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