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Undergraduate Career Management

Students pursuing a Kogod undergraduate degree have access to all of the resources at American University to help provide for an enriching education in and out of the classroom. 

The Kogod Center for Career Development (KCCD) helps students develop career management skills that will last a lifetime. Through one-on-one career advising, workshops and networking events, on-campus recruiting for internships and jobs, as well as state-of-the-art technology, the KCCD equips students with the tools to find meaningful careers after graduation and the skills to sustain those careers as the U.S. and global economies evolve.

The KCCD is comprised of career management professionals with the extensive training, certifications, and experience to:

  • Serve students by empowering and challenging them to strategically define, attain and manage their career goals and providing the education, tools, training and resources to assist them.

  • Offer employers a forum to educate the campus community and successfully recruit graduating students into positions that best match their skills.

  • Provide alumni a venue to share their experience, recruit graduating students and further their own careers.

  • Collaborate with faculty by sharing industry knowledge for use in the classroom and integrating career management into the Kogod education.

Four Year Roadmap

We understand that undergraduates have many demands on their time. To help you focus, we created a four year roadmap to guide business majors through their undergraduate years. 

Undergraduates pursuing a minor in business through Kogod also have full access to the KCCD. We encourage business minors to take advantage of the Kogod road map as soon as they declare their minor.

As a Kogod undergraduate student, we expect that you will be an active owner of the development of your career management process with the ultimate goal of a job or graduate school upon graduation. Below is a sample of how you may interact with the KCCD. The career roadmap offers an overview of career building mile-markers throughout your time at Kogod.

FRESHMAN YEAR: Get Started & Get Involved

  • Attend the orientation to Kogod CareerSource and become familiar with the portal

  • Clarify your strengths, areas of interests and workplace values by completing the CareerBeam “Be Clear” section

  • Attend one KCCD event or webinar each month

  • Participate in the Resume Webinar, draft a resume, meet with a Peer Consultant for edits, and upload your approved resume to Kogod CareerSource

  • Make an appointment with a Career Advisor to discuss career interests and goals

  • Enroll in KSB 200 - Basic Career Exploration & Development


  • Enroll in the KSB 200 - Basic Career Exploration & Development (if you didn't as a freshman)

  • Update your resume reflecting leadership and involvement activities and upload to Kogod CareerSource

  • Develop a list of business careers to consider and a career search strategy

  • Attend two KCCD events or webinars each month, including the AU Career Fair

  • Complete one job shadowing and informational interviewing experience each semester

  • Start and build professional relationships with professors and other campus individuals (for reference use later)

  • Identify your first internship, build a cover letter, complete a mock interview

  • Complete technology resource training

  • Join a student organization, volunteer or seek out student employment

  • Meet with a Peer Consultant to review and critique career documents

  • Make a Career Advisor appointment to assess your career direction

JUNIOR YEAR: Landing the Internship

  • Complete a Career Management Plan

  • Update and focus your resume and cover letter for employer correspondence

  • Attend two Employer Information Sessions and Alumni Events each semester

  • Attend three KCCD events or webinars each month, including the AU Career Fair

  • Identify internships and participate in on-campus recruiting via Kogod CareerSource

  • Prepare for target internships opportunities with a mock interview

  • Identify references to be used in internship and job search

  • Use AU Alumni Online Community to connect with alumni

SENIOR YEAR:  Landing the Job

  • Attend four KCCD events/webinars each month, including the

  • AU Career Fair, Employer Information Sessions and Alumni Events

  • Develop your on-campus and off-campus recruiting strategies

  • Attend networking receptions with alumni

  • Participate in a mock interview with a Career Advisor

  • Use AU Alumni Online Community to increase networking opportunities

  • Meet with a Career Management Advisor regarding your Career Management Plan

  • Develop a follow up strategy including negotiation and thank you

  • Review job postings on Kogod CareerSource on a daily basis

  • Have three intentional network opportunities each week Request faculty members and past employers to serve as a reference

  • Accept a job offer!