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Click here to learn more about CareerShift!


CareerShift is an excellent resource to find companies within a specific industry/region and contact information for current employees for informational interviews. Register to use CareerShift as an additional tool in your employment/internship search. 

First time users:
To access CareerShift for the first time, login to CareerSource and create an account using the CareerShift link or you will only have access to a free trial.

Returning users:
If you already have created a Kogod account, click the CareerShift logo above to login to your account.

Why use Career Shift?

Functioning on Key Word searches, Career Shift allows you to identify specific industry niches and geographical parameters for your job search. Upon your first visit to the Login page you will enter your first name, last name, and American university email address ( You will then create a personalized account that will allow you to login and have specific search features.
To search for internship and job postings, click on the "My Jobs" tab. By identifying various search terms, you can guide your position search. For example, searching for "entry-level finance" positions within 5 miles of the 20008 Washington DC zip code returns over 50 possible positions!

Other key features include the ability to do specific company searches. Entering in the "My Contacts" area will allow you to search for a specific individual, company, position type, or business type within a set industry. When we enter "International" in the Keyword/Description area and "Banking" in the Industry section, Career Shift returns over 500 companies for this search.

To identify specific individuals at a company, click on "My Contacts." You can enter a company name or simply search by position type and industry. For example, entering "Manager" and choosing the industry of "Accounting," returns 81 companies. 

You can then enter the company profile to learn more about the organization and key employees. Information on company employees is extensive and includes position title, biographical information like educational background, and publications, email address, and phone number. Taking it one step further, by clicking on “Find contacts at this company” will provide you with a list of current employees at the company. This is a great networking tool to help you learn more about the people working at a company of interest to you.
Utilize CareerShift to identify specific professionals, positions, companies, and gain company information for your job search and professional research.