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Kogod CareerSource for Students

How to find an on-campus recruitment (OCR) job posting you are interested in:

  • From your homepage in AU Career Web (AUCW) or Kogod Career Source (KCS) click on the link under the "shortcuts"section that reads: "Campus Interviews I Qualify For". This will open a listing of all the employers who will be participating in OCR whose positions you are qualified for.
  • Select the position you are interested in, then review the job posting and required documents. Be sure to make note of the employer's deadline to submit your documents as you will not be able to apply/submit your documents post this deadline.
  • Students must have resumes uploaded to their AUCW or KCS profiles in order to apply for jobs and interviews. Some positions will require writing samples or cover letters as well.

How to upload documents (Resume, Cover Letter, Writing Sample, etc.):

  • Click on the "Documents" tab on the toolbar that runs across the top of your login page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Add New" button on the lower left hand side.
  • Properly select the type of document you are uploading. Remember to indicate the correct document type! (Uploading a Cover Letter as a Resume will not work when applying for jobs.)
  • Once you have "Labeled" and selected a "Document Type", click "Browse" and select your document to upload. 
  • Click Submit and your item will be uploaded. This may take several minutes, but the status will read "Ready" once it has been successfully uploaded.

How to submit Requested Documents to be considered for an on campus interview:

  • Click ‘Campus Interviews I Qualify For’ from your home page.  If you do not see the interview/ job posting you are interested in participating in on the list, click ‘Show Me All Interviews’ and then ‘Search.’  
  • Click on the Job Title you are interested in interviewing for.  Do you qualify?  (Look at the right hand side to confirm.)
  • If you qualify for the interview, you will be able to submit your documents on the right hand side.  If you do not qualify for the interview, double-check your profile to ensure it is up to date by clicking ‘profile’ at the top of the page.  Pay attention to your GPA, graduation date, and major. 
  • Students are able to check the status of their application in the ‘Pending Campus Interviews’ link under the ‘shortcuts’ section of their login page. If chosen for an interview, please read on.

How to sign up for an interview:

  • From your homepage click on ‘Pending Campus Interviews’
  • Select the job posting title you are interested in applying for and in the job posting screen submit required documents on the right hand side.

Where can you find information about ________ employer?:

  • Employer Website (Careers Section, About Us)
  • In CareerWeb or CareerSource by clicking ‘employers’ then searching for the employer name in the Keyword box on the right. Read the ‘Overview’ tab for more information.



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