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The Right Fit

Internships are critical to your career development success.

Completing at least one internship is essential for graduate and undergraduate students' success. In addition to developing new skills, expanding your achievements and building your network, internships are an excellent way to test industries and functional areas to find the organizational culture where you can excel.

While it may be tempting to select an internship based on company name prestige or level of pay, it is important to assess internships based on the substance of the experience, the skill sets being developed, and the connections being made. Your Career Advisor can help you determine gaps in your experience, types of internships to seek, and a plan to successfully find an internship.

Receiving Credit for Internships

Undergraduate Students

To be eligible to earn academic credit, you must have completed 12 credit hours in business, including the first 300 level course in the discipline of your internship (e.g., MKTG-300 for a marketing internship). Students entering Fall 2016 and later must also complete KSB-211.

The credit earned in an internship course may be used only for a free business elective course, and may not replace a core or area of specialization course. The internship must be at least 12 weeks long, consist of substantive work, be approved by the Faculty Advisor, and not be located in a home office to be eligible for credit. Full details are available in the undergraduate internship section of the KCCD website.

If you do not meet the requirements to receive credit for your internship, but your employer requires academic credit or you would like a transcript notation indicating you completed a Field Experience, KCCD offers a 0.25 credit option.

Graduate Students

Graduate students may be eligible to earn academic credit for their internship. For more information, visit the graduate internship registration guidelines.