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Use these resources to keep your search organized and focused to find the right position.

Searching for a job or internship can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. By visiting the KCCD and meeting with your Career Advisor, you can create a search plan that will help you stay organized and on track.

Identify Positions of Interest

CareerSource - Kogod CareerSource is a portal for business students. This portal provides access to career exploration and assessment tools, workshops and skill building opportunities, internship and job postings, regular networking events-on and off campus, and on campus interviews. For full information on how to use CareerSource click here

The following tools are particularly useful to find positions, but should be accessed through CareerSource rather than their web address to receive premium benefits through KCCD's subscriptions:

  • CareerShift - Find companies within a specific industry/region or locate contact information for current employees for informational interviews.
  • GoingGlobal – Access country guides and resources if you are seeking opportunities outside the U.S. There is also a comprehensive list of U.S. employers who have hired H-IB status international students.  
  • Vault's Career Insider – Get comprehensive industry guides and in-depth company information that is crucial to identifying companies of interest and preparing for interviews.
  • InterviewStream – Sharpen your interview skills through this mock interview software that includes hundreds of sample questions.

And don't forget to network on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has over 450 million members worldwide and is growing rapidly. LinkedIn connects you with trusted contacts and provides you the opportunity to network with professionals around the globe. Additionally, you can search for jobs, research companies, and learn more about stvarious professionals industries and entities.


Focus on Organization

Here are a few basic tips for staying organized during your search.

  • Bring your resume to the KCCD for a Peer Consultant or Career Advisor to review.
  • Contact two to three professionals who are willing to serve as references. Tell them you are beginning your search.
  • Maintain an Excel or Word document that notes the following information about each position of interest: Position, company, how/where you identified position, contact information, application deadline date, application submission date, application follow-up date (if necessary), interview date(s), thank you note sent date.
  • After meeting with your Career Management Advisor to identify your industries of interest, create a target company list to frame your search.
  • If balancing multiple interviews, create separate paper or electronic files and internet tabs to information on individual companies.
  • Always check and re-check that you are addressing cover letters properly, sending emails to the correct person and sending a detailed, professional thank you note. 
  • Keep your search focused. Being successful in your search it is not about the number of applications you submit, it is about identifying a good position and being an educated and prepared candidate. Better to send 5 "warm" applications where you have networked within the company than 100 applications through a clearinghouse site like Monster.

Create a Plan

Create a plan with your advisor that works for you. Below are a few sample elements to a job search plan:

  • Join social networking sites like LinkedIn to connect and network with professionals.
  • Practice interviewing using InterviewStream and then with a mock interview at the KCCD.
  • Talk with Kogod and AU faculty to learn more about different business industries and companies.
  • Develop an elevator pitch to use at career fairs or networking events.
  • Leverage your internship into a fulltime position or make connections as an intern that will help you in your fulltime job search.