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Ogilvy & Mather Information Session (Updated 7/8/13)

Kogod Student Lounge

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Ogilvy will be hosting an on campus information session to discuss their 2014 summer internship program and associates program.

So the idea of starch a cubicle doesn't take you to your happy place?

Don't blame ya. You could sit around all day and talk about what everyone's talking about. Or... You. Could. Make. It. The words and images of our time are yours to conjure, produce and see immortalized.

Manifest the eerily synched, office-wide snicker. Spark something odd. Inspire something beautiful, or groundbreaking—an effervescent pill in the half-glass we call society.

You up for it?

We're assembling a select, tight-knit group of individuals. They're artistically minded with the instincts of a businessman. They come from varying backgrounds, disciplines and corners of the planet.

Fitting candidates will join an elite yearlong apprenticeship (The Associates Program), rotating through several departments such as Planning, Consulting, Account Management, Production and other specialty areas, or, our 2014 summer internship program.

Soon-to-be graduates, upcoming seniors, join us if any of the above gave you the slightest chill or misty-eye. We'll tell you a bit more about ourselves and what it means to be a "Craftsman of Culture.

See you there.


Ogilvy & Mather is one of the largest marketing communications companies in the world, peddling cultural wares to Fortune 500 companies and local start-ups, alike. We instigate from 450 offices (and counting), calling over 120 countries home."

Information Session
Kogod Center for Career Development
Annie Matanin

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