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Saturday, February 13th

One Day. Four Sessions.

Whether exploring or securing your plans, Career-Con has the options you're looking for to create your personal career arsenal. Choose which sessions fit you best, and join prominent employers and successful alums coming to share their expertise and advice. The experience, and your career, are yours to define!

Want to attend? Register now for Career-Con.
Come to as many or as few sessions as you'd like, but attend three out of four for a chance to win one of two $100 Apple Store Gift Cards!

All sessions will be held in the Kogod School of Business at American University. Dress casually, we'll be wearing jeans and t-shirts!

Session 1


Tips from the Jedi Master. (Room 118) Hear from alum David Amirian, President at The Amirian Group, about his successful career in real estate development and how you can chart your own course for success.

Session 2


Don’t Eat Like a Wookie. (Kogod Student Lounge) Enjoy a delicious brunch while learning dining etiquette for business situations (RSVP required).

Mission Prep. (Kogod 118) Grab pizza and chat with a member of our advising team for help with your resume, cover letter, or career questions.

Session 3


Jedi Mind Tricks and Other Useful Pointers on Interviewing. (Kogod 233) Obi-Wan Kenobi used it. Anakin Skywalker did too. Learn how to leverage your Jedi mind tricks and gain valuable insight and skills for interview success!

Day in The Life: Real life Jedi alumni share their experience defeating the Empire. (Kogod 118) Before you become a Jedi Knight or Master, learn from the Yodas in a variety of fields. Featuring guests from Deloitte, IBM, Kositzka, Wicks & Co, the National Railroad Retirement Investment Trust, and ENC energy.

Session 4


Do or do not. There is no try. (Kogod 233) Fully commit and achieve it! We will discuss job search and networking strategies for optimum success.

Panel: How to Have a Successful First Year. (Kogod 118) Hear from our panel of alumni and industry guests about how to make your first year be more Yoda and less Jar Jar Binks. Featuring guests from KPMG, Deloitte, Aronson, and UK Trade and Investment.


Get your very own X-Wing. (Kogod Lounge) Attend 3 out of 4 sessions for a chance to win a gift card!