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Whether exploring or securing your plans, Careerpalooza has the options you're looking for to create your personal career arsenal for the entire year in one day. Choose which sessions fit you best. Join prominent employers and successful alums coming to share their expertise and advice. The experience, and your career, are yours to define!

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2014 Schedule

Saturday, January 25, 2014 from 11 a.m to 3 p.m.

Session 1: 11:00-11:50

Interview Fails. Nailed It.
Great interview tips and strategies for overcoming and avoiding some major pitfalls! Plus a few horror stories for kicks. 11 to 11:50am, featuring KPMG.

10 Ways To Know It’s The Right Job For You
This workshop will provide exploratory students with an opportunity to evaluate their personal values, skills, and interests, and then match them with appropriate careers.

Session 2: 12:00-12:50

How to Eat With Your Brain Full: Industry Lunches
Chat with employers and alumni over lunch in small groups focused on different business sectors and industries: Consulting, Marketing, Finance, Sustainability, and General Management.

Session 3: 1:00-1:50

12 Cats that Job Search Better Than You
Stop what you’re doing right now and don’t let these jokers be better than you. Get organized and motivated to conduct a productive, successful job search with actual tools – not a lecture! Featuring Accenture

The New Professionalism Only People Born in the 90’s Would Understand
How can you utilize your generation’s strengths in the workplace? More like, how can’t I use them!

Session 4: 2:00-2:50

Networking: Expectations vs. Reality (I Can Haz Bizniz Card?)
It’s not all about receptions, handshakes, and elevator pitches! Spoiler: You can find a networking style all your own.

My Internship Employer Hired Me And It Was Cray.
Converting your internship to a full time job is possible! Discover some unique and immediately applicable ways to make your internship employer hire you, featuring Deloitte Consulting.