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MBA Entrepreneurship Internship Opportunities

The Kogod School of Business is pleased to facilitate summer internship opportunities for MBA students interested in obtaining practical entrepreneurial experience during the summer. These internships are competitive and MBA students must apply and be interviewed. The typical MBA applicant will have completed their first year of the MBA program prior to the summer internship and will have prior work experience. Organizations gain cost-effective talent to help with a specific entrepreneurial project while providing the entrepreneur intern a meaningful experience.

Entrepreneurship internships may be available with diverse types of entrepreneurial organizations, including: 

  • Entrepreneurial new venture internship - Working with an entrepreneur in start up business or an early stage new venture
  • New venture project/analysis in an established organization - Working in mid- to large-size business on a new venture project
  • New venture project/analysis with a venture capital or other financial service/legal firm - Working in a firm that provides critical financial services, funding or legal services to entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurship internship in a nonprofit organization - Working in nonprofit and/or social entrepreneurial organizations on a new venture project.


Students seeking entrepreneurship internships require completion of an Entrepreneurship Internship Application Form, a resume, an interview with a Kogod faculty member and/or staff member, and an interview with the potential sponsoring entrepreneur/organization. Students should have an MBA grade point average of 3.2 or higher and will have completed the entire first year of the MBA program prior to the start of the internship.

  • Employer Commitment - The Entrepreneurship Internship requires an appropriate specific entrepreneurship related project with an appropriate scope of work that can be accomplished in the designated time period. The project should be substantive and related to entrepreneurship or new ventures in a variety of contexts: new ventures/start up ventures; new ventures in mid-to large size businesses; nonprofit or social entrepreneurship projects; or entrepreneurship/new venture work in financial services, legal services or other similar organizations.
  • Length - The Entrepreneurship Internship typically lasts for eight weeks, starting around June 1 and ending around August 1. Longer engagements can be arranged with the student depending on employer needs.
  • Commitment – Approximately 25 to 40 hours per week.
  • Preferred Paid - Paid Entrepreneurship Internship are preferred. If paid, payment is made by the employing organization with a fixed commitment for the 8 week period that can be increased or decreased based on an alternative period, if agreed to by the student and the employing organization. If paid, the organization pays the intern on their normal payroll schedule and is responsible for employee taxes and social security contributions. Hourly salaries typically will range from approximately $12 to $18 per hour.
  • Noncredit - The Entrepreneurship Internship program is noncredit.
  • Location - Students are not permitted to work in home offices.
  • Sample Types of Projects: Developing market analysis; developing business plans for the new venture; financial analysis; competitive market analysis; and strategic product analysis.
  • Supervisor – The organization will designate a supervisor for the Entrepreneurship Intern to provide guidance, feedback and to complete the internship evaluation form.