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For-Credit Internship Process

Prerequisites | Internship Criteria | Steps to Registration | International Students | Key Contacts | Locating an Internship

Summer 2017 Registration Deadline: May 26
Fall 2017 Registration Deadline: September 11

Spring 2018 Registration Deadline: January 29th


All students who wish to register for a Kogod internship for credit must have completed:

  • 12 credits in business

  • The first 300-level core business class in the area of the internship (i.e. MKTG-300 Principles of Marketing would be the prerequisite 300-level course for a marketing internship)

  • Students entering Kogod in Fall 2016 or later must complete KSB-211

Internship Criteria (set by AU Academic Regulations)

  • Internships MUST be 12 weeks long no matter the number of credits. You must work 8-10 hours a week to receive 1-2 credits and 15-16 hours a week to receive 3 credits. You may not do an internship over fewer weeks, even if you are working more hours per week, as part of the internship is to be part of an office environment over the required period.

  • For-credit internships must be in an office. No for-credit internships will be approved that are in a home office.

  • Internships will be validated as substantive (less than 15% administrative work) and relevant by your Faculty Advisor.

Steps to Registration

  • Fill out and print page 3 and 4 of the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 Internship Form.

  • Obtain your Academic Advisor's signature verifying that you have your pre-requisites completed.

  • Set up a meeting with the Faculty Advisor and bring the completed pages 3 and 4 of this internship packet to this meeting. (During the meeting you will discuss your internship and the associated assignments.)

  • Bring your completed, signed paperwork to KSB 106 for the final registration.

International Students: Check the appropriate visa box and have your ISSS representative sign the form before meeting with your Academic Advisor.

Key Contacts

Academic Advisors

Faculty Advisors

  • Accounting: Emily Lindsay, CPA, KSB 14, (202) 885-1902
  • Entertainment: John Simson, KSB 227, (202) 885-6865
  • Finance: Catalin Stefanescu, KSB T48, (202) 885-1921
  • Information Systems: Dr. Richard Gibson, KSB 24, (202) 885-2735
  • Int'l Business: Bob Sicina, KSB 223, (202) 885-1858
  • ITEC: Dr. Richard Gibson, KSB 24, (202) 885-2735
  • Management: Dr. Alex Mislin, KSB 211, (202) 885-1919
  • Marketing:
    • Summer - Mike Carberry, KSB 28, (202) 885-1934
    • Fall - Dr. Jack Swasy, KSB 23, (202) 885-1974

Locating an Internship

For information on internships currently available, how to secure an internship, general internship resources and an overview on sites where Kogod students have done internships, please go to CareerSource at or schedule a meeting with a Career Management Advisor.