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Peer Consultants and Event Planner

Peer Consultants

The Kogod Center for Career Development (KCCD) provides career development advising to undergraduate and graduate business students. To ensure that students are prepared for their professional career advising meetings, Peer Consultants are available to support students who need baseline assistance. Peer consultants have been trained to orient new students to the KCCD space, guide them through the KCCD technologies, and provide walk-in students with help building a resume. Peer Consultants are also peer advocates who provide feedback to KCCD staff and make suggestions on improving existing programs.

Student Event Planner

The KCCD provides a variety of events for students to practice and develop their career skills. Students who are accepted as Student Event Planners help initiate and run some of these events, gaining hands-on management experience.  Student Event Planners work closely with the Corporate Relations team to see an event through from initial planning to follow-up evaluation. Their responsibilities include identifying the best location for the event and arranging food, as well as distributing marketing materials, rallying student attendance and participation, outlining an agenda and hosting the actual event. Applications for Peer Consultants and Student Event Planners are due in April. Students who are chosen for these positions are required to participate in  a week-long training program the week before the start of the fall semester.

Your Kogod Career Management Roadmap

A Four Year Checklist
As part of its commitment to  lifelong career management, the KCCD provides all students access to one-on-one career advising, workshops and networking events, on-campus recruiting for internships and jobs, as well as access, a full suite of the most up to date technology.

AU expects all Kogod undergraduate students, to be active owners of their own career management focused on the ultimate goal of a job or admission to graduate school upon graduation. To that end, we make specific recommendations aimed at building a resume and a network of contacts. The following roadmap outlines our recommendations for career planning beginning shortly after you arrive on campus freshman year.

Undergraduate Appointments

Click below to schedule an appointment with your undergraduate career management advisor.