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KCGC | About Our Cyber Security Research Center

cyber security research center

“There is, however, one clear, present and enduring danger to Berkshire against which Charlie and I are powerless. That threat to Berkshire is also the major threat our citizenry faces: a "successful" (as defined by the aggressor) cyber, biological, nuclear or chemical attack on the United States. That is a risk Berkshire shares with all of American business.” - Warren Buffet



Actionable Research – The cyber security research center integrates the extant body of knowledge on cyber security governance for our members to consume and utilize effectively. In addition, the Center conducts original cutting edge research on cyber security governance in collaboration with other researchers, institutions and organizations to develop new knowledge on critical issues related to cyber security governance.

Education – The Center offers students, executives, and policy makers world-class education on significant issues pertaining cyber security governance.

cyber security research center membersBuilding a Learning Network – The Center actively seeks opportunities to network Kogod faculty, students, and research associates into the business, government and international communities with the objective of exchanging ideas and collaborating on research projects




  • Assemble a group of corporate and government partners excited by the potential of academic collaboration for solving important real world cyber security governance problems
  • Create a sustainable collaborative process through which business executives, policy makers, and faculty can comfortably and effectively share information, stimulate thinking, and discover knowledge on important global cyber security issues
  • Add value to participating members from business and policy communities by identifying, prioritizing and researching key issues and by creating and delivering practical principles and guidelines
  • Support faculty research by participating in data collection and by funding research projects



cyber security research center professorRelevance - Ensuring that what we do has practical value and is not purely an academic pursuit.

Rigor - Doing research with the best analytical and methodological rigor possible and never compromising academic standards.

Integrity - Conducting all activities by adhering scrupulously to the highest standards of professional business and academic integrity.

Excellence - Always meeting and exceeding world-class standards at every activity, interaction, or transaction