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The Kogod Cybersecurity Governance Center

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Kogod Cybersecurity Governance Center (KCGC)

Kogod Cybersecurity Governance Center (KCGC)
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016


The Kogod Cybersecurity Governance Center (KCGC) at American University aims to promote responsible cybersecurity governance by providing organizational leaders and their designees with thoughtful, practical and well-supported guidance on the cybersecurity issues that are essential to their core stakeholder responsibilities.

Today's leaders are in urgent need of shared intelligence, emerging best practices and managerial guidance to meet the challenges posed by cybersecurity while also maximizing its opportunities. The economic, organizational and technological dimensions of cybersecurity require a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to responsible governance.

The Kogod School of Business at American University's location in Washington, D.C. puts the Center in a unique position to access, integrate, synthesize and report on leading edge research and practice in both the private and public sector.


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  • KCGC co-organized the "AU Cyber Connection" Faculty Workshop, a seminal one-day event in which faculty across campus shared their cybersecurity-related research and joined a discussion about even more dynamic and robust cross-campus, inter-disciplinary collaboration. The workshop was part of KCGC's ongoing efforts to actively partner with colleagues across AU's campus.
  • KCGC Faculty Research Fellow Casey Evans and her research partner Elizabeth Petrie, Director of Strategic Intelligence at Citi, published "An Intelligence-led Approach to Addressing Cyber Fraud: Proactive Fraud Auditing" in the inaugural issue of the Journal of Financial Compliance, a peer-reviewed journal.
    See Volume I Table of Contents.
  • KCGC served as a key contributor to the SANS Institute's 2017 Security Awareness Report. The KCGC team, including student research assistants, was also invited to participate in SANS webcasts related to the report's release and to present at the annual Security Awareness Summit.
    See the 2017 Security Awareness Report.
    Watch the webcast.
  • KCGC launched the KCGC Faculty Research Fellows program with seven inaugural faculty Fellows. Congratulations to Mark Clark, Parthiban David, Augustine Duru, Alberto Espinosa, Casey Evans, Gwanhoo Lee and Ayman Omar.
  • KCGC Deputy Director Rebekah Lewis spoke on a panel related to governance and enterprise risk management at the 2017 NIST CSF Workshop. The workshop focused on the proposed updates in version 1.1 of the CSF.
    See version 1.1 of the CSF.
    Watch the main workshop sessions.
  • KCGC co-hosted "Resilient Cybersecurity Operations for Today and Tomorrow" with A.T. Kearney. A review of some of the key insights drawn from this discussion are covered in June's KCGC | In Practice "Reality Check - Managing Cybersecurity Risk in the Supply Chain."
    Read more at KCGC | In Practice
  • KCGC co-sponsored and participated in "Cybersecurity in an Age of Uncertainty: US-Israel Perspectives," a two-day conference exploring cutting-edge US-Israeli cyberpolicy issues, including cyber theft prevention and response.
    Watch the Keynote and the Panel discussions: Morning and Afternoon.
  • KCGC co-hosted a workshop with AIG and Axio on cyber risk featuring discussions on how to evaluate cyber risk exposure, the maturity of cyber defense and response and the financial viability of recovering from an event.
    Watch the workshop.
    Read more at KCGC | In Practice.
    Read about the event.
  • "What's Working in Washington" hosted KCGC Deputy Director Rebekah Lewis for a discussion on corporate accountability and cybersecurity.
    Listen to the story and read more.

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