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Curriculum Assessment Committee

Revised January 10, 2011

(Edited March 16, 2014 to reflect change from Kogod Council to Kogod School of Business Faculty Council as faculty governance body)


The authority of the Kogod School of Business’s Curriculum Assessment Committee (CAC) is derived from university governance expectations described in the American University Faculty Manual (Section 5.b., May 15, 2010). Specifically, each academic unit should have at least one governance council (KSB Council) and form additional committees that are appropriate and necessary based on the unit’s bylaws.

Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB) accreditation includes assurance of learning standards, which require the assessment of student learning outcomes in the curriculum management process. AACSB-accredited institutions must define program level learning goals, assess student achievement against those goals, and utilize an internal assessment process continuously to improve curricular programs and teaching pedagogy. It is expected that full-time faculty play a primary role in the assessment process.


The Curriculum Assessment Committee is subordinate to the Faculty Council and maintains responsibility to plan ongoing assessment activities and execute yearly assessments of academic program curricula. Specific responsibilities of the CAC include:

  • Developing and or refining plans that establish regular multi-year academic program assessment cycles.
  • Executing assigned curricula assessment plans based on established cycles.
  • Organizing, interpreting, and communicating assessment results to relevant audiences.
  • Proposing specific curricular, programmatic, and pedagogical improvements based on assessment findings.
  • Collaborating with department chairpersons, program directors, and individual faculty on all assessment related activities as needed.


The membership of the CAC will be comprised of one representative from each faculty department in the Kogod School of Business. Committee membership shall also include the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Dean for Academic Programs (or their designees).

Faculty Representatives
All full-time KSB faculty members are eligible to serve on the CAC. Each department will elect its representative, and each faculty representative will serve a two-year term beginning on August 16th of the year elected and ending on August 15th of the second year. Departmental representatives may be re-elected.

At the first meeting following August 16th CAC committee members will elect a faculty chairperson, who will serve in that capacity until August 15th of the following year. An individual may serve as CAC chair for a maximum of four consecutive years.